TRADICTIONAL MENU 19,95€ ( Wednesday to Friday)

Welcome tapas

Starters to choose

Spinach salad with anchovies and black olive oil

Traditional cannelloni au gratin with MUBEE cheese

Assortment of Pont9 croquettes

Escalivada pie with bell pepper cream

Vegetable cream with poached egg from “Ca la Xica”.

Dish of the day

Seconds to choose

Veal from Ripollès with mushrooms

Cod with mushrooms cream

Grilled poussin

Grilled sausage with beans

Casserole noodles (minimum 2 persons)

Dish of the day


Traditional desserts

Catalan cream

Fruit and chocolate broquette

Yogurt ice cream with fig jam

Cottage cheese custard

House cake

dessert of the day