We are Francina, Anna, Jordi and Xavier: a family excited by a project and a way of life. El Pont9 is a restaurant which, like most, seeks nothing more than to improve people’s days through work and effort, but above all from the interest and will to satisfy the people who have shown us their confidence since we started up in 2001. A trajectory as yet short, but which gives us confidence and strength to continue sharing the best years of our lives with you. Welcome to El Pont9, welcome home.
We are in the centre of Camprodon, right opposite the Pont Nou (12th century), which can be seen from the main dining room, with a capacity for 35 diners. At the back there is another room overlooking the waters of the river Ter. This dining room is very appropriate for family celebrations (for approximately 30 people). The restaurant has three reserved rooms for 6, 8 and 12 people, for customers who want a little more privacy and peace.


Grandma Conxita and Lola, our mother, taught us that the basis of good cuisine is always the product, and this is where our work starts; we choose the best products from our surroundings that the farmers and stop breeders still offer us today (eggs, lettuce, peas, meats and even fish from the fishermen of the Costa Brava). Customers therefore enjoy a humble and simple cuisine, because we try to ensure that diners identify the tastes, the aromas and the original textures of the food, which sometimes are no longer considered; the never forgotten tradition evolves day by day with the new trends and technologies. We learn from the great chefs and we listen to our customers’ opinions, who with their judgement and criticism give us the chance to enjoy this trade and help us take steps that gradually lead us to total satisfaction.


Catalonia is a country of good and renowned wines. From the Empordà to the Priorat we find a wide variety of climates and lands that give us high quality products from the vineyards. Jordi, our sommelier, draws up a list of wines open to the world, and diners can enjoy wines from the Empordà, but also from Argentina, Ribera del Duero and the French Bourgogne, for Catalonia is a country open to the world.