Welcome aperitif

For snacking

Cod fritters with Setcases honey and pine nuts

Pont9 croquettes with spicy romesco sauce

Slow-cooked foie gras terrine with quince jelly and sultana toast

The first to choose

Camprodon valley potatoes stuffed whith organic colt meat from the Ripollès ragion.

Cannelloni,of veal, juice, muschrooms of the Valley

Artichoke salad, iberiam ham shavings and goat cheese

Main course to choose

Lamb shoulder forked potato, roast juice

Dry canned savid rice whith sausage and charcoal

Corball confit, ratatouille, romesco sauce

The desserts

” Xuixo” stuffed whith monkey cream, cofee

Catalan cream our own way

Tiramissú, made of rocotta cheese from the Valley with Camprodon cookie sponge cake

The wine cellar
Selection of wines from our sommelier

water from Sant Aniol nd bread from the Camprodon Valley